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To  live an authentic life means to return to a state of wholeness.

When parts of ourselves become fragmented away from alignment, we experience discomfort and disharmony in our experience. Shamanic counselling provides the opportunity to go deeply into understanding our reality and why it came to be this way. We work with lifting out of the subconscious the belief systems, the unhealed aspects of ourselves that hold us back from coming into our true expression of who we are, as we integrate past trauma and patterning we return to the truth. We regain power, creation and harmony in our existence once more. Our lives become more simple, as we recognise our path clearly, as we recognise ourselves as the divine light that we are. We gain confidence, prosperity and good health.

Discovering who we are by peeling away all that we are not leaves us with the very essence at the core of our being. We feel free and empowered to follow our innate inner guidance and walk with confidence along our path gathering expansive experiences as we go and reigning in all possibilities for a honest, fulfilling life.

Join hands with me as we dive deep into the waters of you and emerge new, whole and loved with divine purpose and grace.

 1hr long via skype or in person