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House and Land Clearing Ceremony ( Victoria Wide )

House and Land Clearing Ceremony ( Victoria Wide )

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During this ceremony, the house / dwelling is cleared and purified as well as the land. If you only require a house clearing it is half price.

I use different tools such as sound, song and tone, smoking smudge, aid and sit with to help spirits that are needing assistance to move upwardly, free old energy and open up the space to new and refreshing energy in the home.

If the land needs purification and assistance, I will cleanse the land  from harm that has been done in the past, to heal some of the nature spirits have been disrupted. I will restore the energy that may have been lost. I will support the land and nature spirits  to feel wholesome and content on the land once more.

This ceremony, is truly effective and creates a beautiful energy within and on the land.

I truly love to do this ceremony.


  • sounds in the night, footsteps, doors, voices, unknown noises
  • unwarranted feelings in the house on property
  • cold places or air in the house
  • constant ill health of those who live on the property
  • sleep problems or constant nightmares
  • lights on and off
  • things breaking constantly
  • sense or seeing energy 
  • guests feel uneasy or uncomfortable in the home
  • plants or trees that won’t grow in certain areas of the property
  • salt lamp dripping
  • mold
  • animals behaving oddly 
  • cannot rent or sell property

Old energy can stay within the home

  • arguments that are continuous can be picked up from previous energy that has been created and left on the property
  • the property may have trauma memory where animals or nature spirits or elemental abuse have been harmed or disturbed or aboriginal land where much trauma and distress may have occurred itself 
  • lost souls that need help crossing over completely
You, the caretaker of the home and land will also received a clearing and will be encouraged to make direct connection to the land.

This entire process takes 2/3 hours