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Through ancient ceremony practice we are able to achieve a great deal of clarity, connection, gratitude, healing and integration. We are also able to align with the Divine Will and Align ourselves to our truest and highest path.

When we sit, move or chant in ceremony we pay our respects to the Earth, to the Elements, to all and to ourselves in the highest way. When we reconnect to life in this way, we create meaning and also purpose. We begin to walk through life with a heart and mind connection and this aids us abundantly in our life.

During sacred ritual ceremony, we are able to clear and release old energy, we are able to draw in a new vibrational path, we are able to let go of what no longer serves us, we are able to recreate our lives how we want and draw in the highest path from alignment. We are able to heal relationship bonds between partnerships like husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son.  We welcome forgiveness and acceptance where necessary. We can set and put out intention for our lives. We marry and unify souls. We send the spirits who have left their body into the higher realms. We celebrate the birth of our children. We help our children to let go of old energy so they are free to move and mature into the next phase. We begin to honor the intrinsic reality we live in. Harmony dawns and life becomes peaceful as we return to the inner light.

The value of Ceremony, which in many life times I have sat at the head of, is undeniable to the prosperous, confidence and love that is much needed on the Earth right now.

My gifts, tools and abilities are to bring about this medicine in the new and modern world.

Join and to discover the true power of Ceremony, the ancient practice of ritual.