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Earth Medicine + Connection with Pachamama

We have recently been moving through a porthole of mass awakening, foreseen by our elders for eons.  This transformative time is encouraging a re-membrance with Mother Earth. When we are  connected with nature we are deeply connected to life, harmoniously existing with all things. Pachamama birthed us. We are her children. During this time we are perceiving Earth, as an organism to be "up levelling" her frequency and as we move upwardly with her, we move into new territory and new consciousness.

All flows through Pachamama, the wind, waters, fire. When we work together with Earth we realise we too are Earth (body), Air (oxygen we breathe), Water (what we are mostly made up of) and Fire ( the fire of our spirit). We are one with all, The Creator, The Great Spirit. When we are dancing with Earth, we become humbled, reenergised and exhilarated with life. We are plugged into our innate system, our intuition and our calm centre.

Our focus is on returning to Her.
In all our ways. With all our Heart.