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White Summer Rose Flower Essence | 30ml
White Summer Rose Flower Essence | 30ml
White Summer Rose Flower Essence | 30ml

White Summer Rose Flower Essence | 30ml

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Divine Feminine Essence for softening

All women wanting to connect and soften to their inner wisdom, power, sensuality, sensitivity and compassion THIS is the essence for you !

My connection to this Rose Bush has developed over 15 years. She is the wise one who oversees all my vegetables in the garden. Her masculine counterpart the sacred Bay Leaf on the direct other side. She has always gone above and beyond expectations and surprised me over and over again, which is the wonder of the Feminine. Keeping her secrets close and providing them at the best moments. She goes through her full stages of growth, bud and then rosehip and to watch her flourish and release is a great joy. 

She offers a gentle and soft energy that is transparent and open. She sometimes gets pollinated with her sister who is crimson and spots crimson dots to add to her beauty and sensuality. She is the overarching matriarch, her strength a strong hold in knowing when to harden and when to soften. She is the home of many insects and welcomes them with ease. Reminding us that your energy can be a home to many. Your heart holds space for all as long as your confident in yourself.


She holds an angelic vibration, a subtle sensual side of the feminine. The softening is important as a woman right now. And she is the queen of gentle.


If you need any of this in your life, this essence is for you. 

Wonders: White Summer Rose - Vodka - Purified Water


How: apply 3-5 drops under tongue 2/3x per day or when necessary.