Shamans believe it is our BIRTHRIGHT to live harmoniously with Pachamama as her, expanding our consciousness, healing ourselves and finding the deep innate power within ourselves to live in the highest vibration possible.

What is Shamanism ?

It is one of the oldest forms of spirituality. It is rooted in thousands of years of humanity, all over the world with similar ideas and practices. Shamans call upon the forces present in Nature / Pachamama, the wind, plants, smoke, rocks, animals, water for the purpose of healing.
They invite in higher dimensional beings and energy that help the healing process, release unwanted, stagnated energy, lower vibrational attached energies and entities and welcome in higher, free, clear and purified energy. They have cultivated the ability to channel or shape shift into other vibrations thats needed to heal and assist humanity through times of hardship, transition or oppression. They balance the energy in ones body, etheric body and astral body by using drums, rattles, movement, icaros, bowls/ bells, chanting. They encourage a participant in self healing, finding their own self sovereignty to calm lifes problems and imbalance. Shamans consciously lead one back to Nature, the natural way of life so it can balance and shift the consciousness within one, to become aware of the forces around us all the time but seem unseen to many in the current state of humanity.

Who is a Shaman?
A shaman/shamanka is one who has the ability to move between the realms, making a contact with the Great Spirit to be of service to the expansion and betterment of the world. The ability to retrieve information/ energy / power and anchor it in the Earths Plane for the healing and prosperity purposes of humans expansion.

Shamans have a belief that all life has consciousness.
Shamans have made a contract to honour the Earth and lead the way of keeping this connection with our divine mother alight. Shamans have a deep sensory perception with nature and the unseen within nature. Working directly with these energies, a personal relationship with nature as it flows through the shaman allows, this attunement is sacred and many teachings are passed through the realms of nature to the Shaman. The shaman shows that we are all indigenous to this land. We are all children of Pachamama. Alike those in the Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom as well as the finer frequencies that live within the elements and that are the elements themselves. 

We offer a range of healing modalities. From shorter sessions to more in depth and expansive exchanges.  Each healing session and appointment is approached with the sacred intention of the Eagle Medicine.

Once one is called into the life of a Shaman, the healing already starts takes place. This healing is initiated prior to the sessions with the Shaman to allow a shift of vibration to occur to be able to benefit completely from your experience with a shaman. The shaman takes time to energetically send offshoots out to call in initiates who are in the path of this connection. A sacred calling. Do you hear it?

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