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Everything IS energy, and most of it is existing beyond our senses, we just perceive the final result in matter, in its physical form. Most of our ailments and unpleasant feelings occur because of energy that has fragmented away from alignment. In essence, this is a powerful emotional healing at its core, that works with current circumstances, whether physical or metaphysical. The healing moves through the unseen to aid one into a sense of balance, and wholeness. Our unique Energy Healing is a harmonious modality, where by the healer can channel through Life Force healing energy, that is accompanied by the guidance provided during the session that stimulates a range of different positive outcomes.

Focused on the mental, emotional and physical body, the aim is to work effectively to bring an integration of old wounds, and hurts to lead one into a more authentic, fulfilling life. A trusting and aligned journey, where we are in flow and free to prosper.

Every session is tailored to the client, to exactly what is needed at the time. As we are all such different and complex beings, we have different ways of processing energy, different needs and ways to heal. 

Intuitively guided, and a natural born nurturer and healer, Tenille will first be present with you, opening up to a connection and trust. She will go through the energetic field to find any blockages, or emotional trauma that is locked within the body. Intuitively she will receive psychic insight by vision and sound, this information is sacred, and will be integral to the healing process. The insight will go deep into your journey and what energy influences your existence. The guidance will develop into conversation, where further expansion will occur.

Most of our lives, our belief systems and programming of the subconscious reality is what creates the existence we currently live in, therefore investigating and meet all of yourself for integration, is where true healing occurs, and life transformation begins.

The most important aspect of the healing, is to balance, bring presence, harmony and health into ones life.  

Tenille is a modern day mystic, a warm hearted, welcoming and holds ancient wisdom within her being. She practices the Eagle Medicine, which is the medium connection between the Spirit and the Earth realm. Her life has been her master teacher, her master healer. Living for the past decade in and out of Central and South America, and Hawaii where she was intensively taught, and practiced.

1 hour session - REMOTE VIA SKYPE
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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” –Nikola Tesla