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Divine Femme Ritual Gift Box

Divine Femme Ritual Gift Box

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This beautiful box was created to connect us back into our Divine Feminine. 

Each of the gifts inside the box will aid you to plug into your Innate & True Femme.

Frequencies of the Divine Feminine 
- Intuitive
- Creative
- Knowing how to receive
- Patience, in Flow
- Wise
- Accepting
- Fierce
- Compassionate
- Strong hearted and heart centred

Divine Feminine: 
- Deep Femme Rose Bath Salt
- Summer Rose Flower Essence
- Sensual Feminine Roller Blend 
- Rose Smudge Stick
- Rosehip, Rose Organic Body Oil
- Nervous System Tea to allow for connection

Ceremonial Ritual For the Divine Feminine

- Create space by putting on some calming music, attune the energy inwardly. Draw in some deep breaths into the body, releasing and relaxing the body as you do so. Do this for 5 minutes. Really focus on drawing the breath deep down into the pelvis space, then releasing it through the body and shoulders and neck as it is released.

-Spray auric spray all around the body and room, Burn your wood or smudge stick of choice, always remain present and safe when working with any type of fire. Ensure that you have a bowl under the flame to catch any embers.
Using the feather, sweep the smoke around the body and auric field or space in which you are wishing to rid of any energetic debris or unwanted, sticky and stagnated energy.
Giving blessings on the plants who give us themselves for this use.

- Light a candle, put your energy and body in a position for connection to ask the higher spirit of the Divine Feminine to enter into the energy field of you, to assist you this day in connecting with her and your personal feminine roots so that you may feel and embody this energy. Ask for assistance in connecting back with the most ancient part of the Feminine and know that this blessings shall be received. Give your personal prayer, at this time.

- Place desired amount of tea in to the pot, connecting with the colours of the plants and forming relationship with them Pour hot (not boiling) water over the tea, stir the tea in the water. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes.
Sit down and pour the tea into your cup. Be present with the beautiful fragrance of the tea, feel how it connects with you. Sip it. Feel the energy of the tea moving through you noticing what it does for you. Ask the tea to be specific in its message for you and open yourself to receiving. Move into deep presence with the Spirit of the Plants.

- Dim the lights, run warm bath, place the contents of the bath salt into the water and ensure the salt crystals dissolve through the water, Thanking the salt and the plants and botanicals for their gift to you today. Place the crystal in the water and give thanks also to the spirit of the stone for assisting in your cleansing.

Stay in the bath for 30 minutes , focus on breath work and the body, easing any contractions or tightness that is storing within the body. Place focus on the mental field, releasing also worry and doubt and daily stress, release this. Know that the water will absorb all the energetic debris you are willing to pass to her. She loves to soften us. Mind, body and heart.
When you are ready thank the Sacred Waters which were offered to you for healing on this day. Bless her as she is released.
- Get dressed stay warm, close by noting all the things you experienced, giving thanks to the Divine Feminine for her assistence.

Give thanks a praise for the gifts you have given to yourself today, the tools you have used.

You may do the ceremony to your own liking. You may just use the smoke when necessary.