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Elderberry Elixir- Made To Order - 200ml - Organic Syrup

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Support and nourish your body whilst in the flu and cold season or taken into the body at early onset of symptoms. 

-Help Support Your System Naturally -

This is a powerful anti microbial, packed with antioxidants and nutrients to help the immune function while helping to reduce the inflammation that may be present with colds and flu. Elderberry is believed to reduce severity of symptoms.

Cinnamon and cloves contain potent antibacterial, antiviral, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties — perfect for the winter months.

Anise is  a great source of Shikimic Acid. Which is used to treat flu because of its strong antiviral compounds.

Yarrow  a personal favourite, taken at early onset of cold and flu with other remedies such as these listed will help reduce symptoms. It is a anti inflammatory and antimicrobial. 

Organic Elderberry
Organic Cinnamon
Organic Cloves 
Star Anise
Australian Locally Sourced Honey

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