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 This intensive ceremony is used to raise the vibration of the Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. Bringing one into a place of harmony, connectedness and illumination of the body and energetic field. It has the ability to remove away any obstructions to living clearly, optimistically and in your highest vibrational truth and path.

During this period of our timelines we are surrounded by constant solution, from the air we breathe, water we drink, EMF WIFI exposure, media and tv, limiting belief systems, negative thought forms, astral projections, poor diet, stress filled lives, lack of connection with the divine and nature, chaotic emotional and mental distress arising from past trauma, attachments, unsettling connections with ancestors and living family or other lower vibrational attached entities.

This cleansing has the ability to bring about clearer self and bring positively charged life force energy to aid in clarity, better sleep, balanced energy between energy centres, harmonised thoughts and better your physical experience. It is a gateway for a higher way to live and also for some more intensive healing to take place.
I use each of the elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water are utilised along with Natures gifts of Plants, Stones, Crystals, Eggs, Bees Wax Candles, Herbs, Sugarcane Rum, I am assisted by beings from the 5th and 6th dimension throughout the session who aid me to bring about the highest level of cleansing for the guest.

WHEN YOU NEED “The cleanse”:
-Physically Sick
-Emotional Unrest
-Consistent Negativity
-Chronically Tired / Exhausted
-Chaotic Mind/Mental Field
-Possession or dark vibrational presence
-Lower Entities Attached to the etheric body
-Projections and Beliefs stored in the etheric and astral layers 
-Living in high pollutant states / environments / toxic people/ relationships 

-Healers in general to obtain high levels of consciousness for healing

Altar Arrangement / Cleansing (mesa)
The altar is the first point of connection for me, it acts as the ancor throughout my life and healing sessions. Each Alter we have Huchas, obtained objects given by Pachamama or Earth to carry through life, sacred objects of the sublime and spirits. I have developed a strong connection with each object. Each of these sacred gifts grant power for me to invoke the highest level of healing transformations to occur. I connect to each object to assist them in the ceremony.  All mesas must be respectfully tended to repeatedly by praying over it, smudging, feeding, water mist and given offerings with flowers and well cleared.
Incarnation Assessment Reading
The reading of a clients root causes of his misalignment, divination techniques like a candle, card, and egg readings will be used. I will withhold assumption or human judgement about the client and must become crystal clear to receive the right guidance to continue into the healing ceremony.

Platica (conversing in communication)
Meaning conversation between me and the client. They create intimate rapport between them, exploring cultural beliefs, life experiences and learn the client’s life narrative.
Sugarcane rum will be sprayed over the body to charge the electromagnetic field with negative ions. Naturally in this day of "time" we are outbalanced with positive ions. We need both to remain more centred.
*the traditional practice is the medicine woman will blow out the alcohol through their mouths however I will use a spray mist in my sessions unless asked otherwise.
Toxic/Lower Vibrational Energy Removal - Fire / Smoke Smudging

Using sacred gifts of the land, leaves, herbs feathers and the shamans tools, they are swept over the body; lower vibrational, stagnated  energy that is  no longer serving the client will be withdrawn from the body and auric field.

Smudging with smoke from Herbs and Eucalyptus, I will cleanse the client’s energetic and physical body removing unwholesome energy, purifying the energetic body. Smudging Smoke lives between the spirit world and the material world transcending/ transmuting energy. The fire is able to miraculously move substance from one form to another, removing unwanted energy,  protecting the auric field building boundaries, warning off bad spirits, restoring and cleansing ones physical body and etheric body.

Body Activation / Energy Systems
I will be guided to activate or deactivate the energy centres through a technique of clock or counter clock circular movements by my hand or by using sage or other incense sticks at the specific blockages points as i am showing through reading the clients energy channels. This brings about a clear flow of energy through ones body allowing for optimal health of mind, body and life experience.
Egg Cleansing of the outer skin barrier
Locally sourced free range eggs are used for this practice. The egg will withdraw impurities that are stored on the top energetic and physical layer of the skin, the egg  withdraws the toxicity with its thousands of pores in the shell. Toxicity caused from ones environment such as wifi emf exposure, heating/cooling, polution, clothing, detergents, fragrances can seep deep into the tissue of the body causing more serious health concerns.
*This practice can also be done with specific bath salt that one can take home if they don't wish to use the egg.

Restoration of Positive, Life Force, Loving Energy
I will blow or spray Agua de Flora/ Blessed, Sun Rejuvenated Flower and Crystal Infused Water over the entire physical body. With selected unique botanical/ floral vibrations I will restore the specific areas where energy has been removed with energy that one needs replacing with Life Force, High Vibrational, Positive and Harmonious energy. Red (feminine) and white (masculine) flowers are usually utilised, although depending on the client, other colours with other meanings such as courage, innocence, power, strength, compassion ect are also called on at times.
Protective shield with healing rocks/ crystals are used at the end with a small meditation to ground the client back into their body completely and enter back into their lives.

Final Prayer and Intention for moving forward

Healing songs–Icaros–are sung or whistled throughout the ceremony. The chants assist the Shaman into an altered stated of consciousness and aids one to focus on the intention of the ceremony.

Loose clothing and alternatively minimal clothing.
The ceremony can be combined with other variety of Shamanic techniques and tools base on the clients needs, like soul retrieval, reclamation of power within the body and mind  or cord cutting.