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S M U D G I N G  B U N D L E
This bundle includes Palo Santo, Cinnamon, Clear Quarts and loose leaves of Rosemary, Sage and Bay Leaf.


PALO SANTO is an native shamanic, medicinal tree. This Holy Wood has been used to energetically purify, cleanse and heal. It is anciently believed that when it's burning it clears the auric field of any unwanted or unsettling energy. It deepens ones connection to Mother Earth and Ourselves. Palo Santo is also believed to promote joyful, positive feelings.

CINNAMON: Increases energy and motivation. Used to also create a layer of protection. A beautiful and sweet aroma to uplift one while calming too.

CLEAR QUARTS CRYSTAL:  Master Healer. Works on all levels of your being.  A higher spiritual understanding.

SAGE: High in ionic composition which has a direct effect on our stress response. It improves your mood by igniting awareness, clarity of mind, higher wisdom and stimulating up your senses

ROSEMARY: Raises more loving energy within oneself, which sends negative energy away. Rosemary’s properties enable sparking clarity, focus and memory. As the herb pulls your energy upward, any unwanted heavier energy will be dislodged from you and your auric field.

BAY LEAF: This herb will releases compounds that are relaxing but also energizing, meaning she will relax you into a state of awareness. Assisting you in trusting the world, life and yourself. Promotes mindfulness, so an incredibly powerful healer for anxiety.

OPTIMAL USE: Natural Incense, Ritual, Prayer, Meditation, Auric  & Energy Cleansing

Sound bathed with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Blessed For Your Higher Good
Australian Owned & Made 
 Nora Original 2018

Instructions: Ignite the wood, cinnamon and hold 45 degrees pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for 10 seconds and then blow out. Move the stick gracefully around a desired space. Move anti-clockwise to remove unwanted energy, clock wires to pull in prosperity. Be present as you smudge. The glow will end on its own or run the end under water then place into fireproof holder.

You can burn the loose herbs by igniting the leaf and placing in fireproof holder.

Always use full caution when using fire. Do not use in enclosed spaces with little ventilation. Be extremely mindful of flying embers. Do not smudge near anything flammable, skin, hair and fabrics. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep smudge stick out of the reach of children. Do not leave burning sticks unattended. 

Information provided is not medical advice or treatment.

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