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These sessions with me, Tenille will include a tailored approach to expansive spiritual development. During the sessions, one is given unique techniques and tools for your personal spiritual journey. Whether it is for psychic advancement, healing modalities, breath-work and connection, understanding our world and reality from a spiritual perspective, meditation or simply understanding the metaphysical reality more.

This may include learning how to clear ones energy, space and body, learning how to channel through higher vibrational energy and beings, learning about how energy works, what energy is, understanding the different dimensional realities and laws, aspect therapy, herbal remedies, anchoring energy in the physical body from higher dimensions through body movement, learning more about polarity, deepening the connection with Source, Self and Pachamama and more.

Each session is completely dependant on what the guest would like to develop and where they are on their journey.

1.5 + HR sessions 

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