NORA WELLBEING + daughters of pachamama is a small business created by a single mother of one wild child, on the surft coast of rural Victoria, Australia. All products/ services are done and made with intention and desired to shift things inside all of us.

It was established as a thought in 2015 by founder Tenille King an intuitive healer and natural and conscious, business minded woman who has had a life full of experience. On one of her returns home from her travels, living overseas, NORA kept her inspired and gave her a sense of moving forward. Tenille is a well traveled soul, a lady of the world who has spent time in many continents. Developing certain attributes from all the communities and people, shamans, nature and cities that she was blessed to have been a part of, she created herself into a women who was strong, dynamic, open minded, fire hearted with a courageous will to aid this world and its people as it moves forward into a new way of life, of being.

Falling pregnant in Central America at 28, she moved home to Australia without much more than a backpack, a positive and conscious decision to live in Australia changed her circumstances and she began raising her son alone. The long short of it, it was a challenging period at every turn, what would go wrong, went wrong but under a perfect divine plan. The greatest teaching. A promise was made to this little guy, that she would do her best to create a life so abundant that they would be able to be free to live peacefully, consciously and lovingly while always having an open heart and house to care for others, give to others.  Her son, he has been her BIGGEST and BOLDEST inspiration, he kept her in check, made her face all of her shadow and all of her light, he kept her moving toward greatness, toward her passion, she knew she was the only person holding this entire show together however she knew that her son chose to come down into this, as the greatest mentor for her. 

NORA + daughers of pachamama became this entity that was taking care of people, she's like a Big Native Mama, holding all of us in her arms. The initial idea of the business is to hold retreats, for all that are coming into their full power and awakening to self love, the idea of true enlightenment. It was the only way forward for her now but the ideas started to intuitively come in as products, they were divinely handed to her through meditation and came into manifestation, slowly but surely. 

It was a constant day to day battle from crying on the floor in agony to feeling like an absolute badass divine mother and business woman. As her own journey to self love unfolded through this extreme experience that was gifted to her, she knew it was an experience that will aid those who came to her for healing in the future, for love and guidance. She turned to her products and they amazed her in how they were able to shift the energy inside her.

As life continued on, getting easier to move through the days and a big leap of faith by moving back to the Ocean, a dream wanted for many years life began opening up the opportunity to return to a greater purpose of her skills, Eagle Shamanic Medicine. In which she was delighted.

Tenilles main teaching is Authenticity, to return to ourselves, self sovereignty, self awareness, self love. Through this process you truly meet the most prosperous and joyful part of yourself as you start to make decisions that are in alignment with your truest self. We wish nothing more but for anybody visiting daughters of pachamama, to welcome this experience, and contact us if you ever need to. We are always here, ready to hold hands in this journey.

Our products carry the energy of self love and self care. We are so supportive of self care in the form of wellbeing, of heart, of mind and of soul. We wanted to create products that cleanse us, that clear us, that make us feel good so that we can uplift into a higher vibration, so that we can become the joy that we truly are and live the life we were always meant to live. We want people to return to themselves, to take care of themselves.  Some find it hard to emotionally do this but our products make it easy to promote this connection to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

 Our products are pure and they are wild. They are as natural as you can make it, ethically created and lovingly made.